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Service Times and Locations

Sunday at 9:30 am & 6:00 pm MST

Elbert County Fairgrounds

95 Ute Ave

Kiowa, CO 80117


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Looking for the Simplified Cowboy Version?  

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Long X Ranch Cowboys
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Thanks for riding in and looking around our ranch. The Long X Ranch Cowboys is an online discipleship and mentoring program designed with you in mind.


Here’s what to expect:

You will get a fourteen day free trial where you will have access to everything except the Facebook group. You get that once you decide to stay.

You will have access to tons of free courses that range from multi-day bible studies to year long bible memorization study. But we aren’t limiting the courses to just that. Each week, new courses will be added. There will be in-depth studies on rejection as well as mental health. 

The Long X Ranch Cowboys has a conference call on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month with Kevin Weatherby, Founder of Save the Cowboy. He will encourage you each call to do something new and push you out of your comfort zone.

You will get a weekly newsletter with a spotlight cowboy article as well as access to the courses.

Fellowship with over a hundred like minded cowboys & cowgirls like you've never experienced before.

Access to the Long X Ranch Cowboys Membership Directory.

You will have access to Long X Ranch merchandise not available anywhere else.


This is a paid program. We use the money as the salaries paid to the cowboys who work our ranches. These cowboys raise the beef that we give away to hungry families and serve other ranches all across the country. Your paid subscription is literally helping “save the cowboy”.


You may choose any level of generosity you choose. The levels that are one hundred dollars and greater receive free merchandise every single month. You may cancel at anytime if you no longer wish to participate.


God brought you to this moment for a reason and I cannot wait to get to know each of you personally. I look forward to our ride towards that narrow gate together.




Kevin Weatherby

Founder of Save the Cowboy

Simplified Cowboy Version

The Simplified Cowboy Version is a bible Paraphrase written in the words of the old west. It is not a bible, but more of a bible study aid, written by cowboys for cowboys.

Our hope is that with this tool, you will read the real bible in a brand new light and feel like you're saddled up with Jesus and riding for his brand.

Learn more and order yours today!

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About Us



Save the Cowboy, founded by Kevin Weatherby in 2011, is a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-based working ranch dedicated to teaching authentic, everyday Christianity through the legacy, artistry, and traditions of the working ranch cowboy.









Our vision is to take these six values, put them together, and introduce CHRIST to the world


Our mission is to keep the Gospel message simple without being shallow. We call it a "meat & tators" approach.


Kevin Weatherby, founder of Save the Cowboy, was at a loss when asked to preach the very first time. He went to the Bible and found where Paul said, "When I was with you I vowed to preach nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2)". Kevin had his subject, but needed a delivery so he kept searching the Bible. The person he models his sermons after was Jesus himself. Jesus spoke in stories, or parables, and if Kevin has any gift, it is for telling a story.  Stories take the place of sermons and lives begin to change from the inside out.


There is only one true God revealed in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus Christ was both man & God.

The Holy Spirit is the power of God by which all gifts are given to those who God alone determines.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God revealing the trail & purpose of mankind.

The Church is the Body of Christ & is made up of those people that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior and this Church's mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are two ordinances: Baptism by immersion at an age of accountability & the Lord's Supper.


Those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, in all His richness & glory, have a heavenly place prepared for them, while those who reject the sacrifice of Christ will fall under God's judgement by their choice & spend eternity in hell.

Supported Ministries


rtr ministries.jpg

Our orphanage is run by Our Surrendered Lives Ministry, a partner of Save the Cowboy. It is located near Guerrero, Chiuhuahua, Mexico.


The school is run by George and Vonda Sisneros of Save the Cowboy. Their ministry, Ordinary Missionaries, is changing the lives of young boys in El Rosario, Guatamala.


The Boys Academy is currently teaching young boys to be men with a middle school planned. Be a part of this by clicking above.


Eagle’s Nest Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit located in Elizabeth, Colorado, whose purpose is to bring hope, trust and growth into the lives of those who come to the Ranch. We serve adults and children who have experienced or who are experiencing the invisible wounds of life. 



Send us a message with your prayer requests, questions, or to schedule baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other engagements.

PO Box 428
Kiowa, CO 80117

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