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Save the Cowboy will resume live services at the Elbert County Fairgrounds starting Sunday, August 9 at 8:30 and 10:15.

No coffee or snacks will be served. BYOCoffee

We will not set up the chairs and people can sit wherever they want (except the stage) to practice social distancing.

Respect is the name of the game. Be courteous to all and respectful of different viewpoints. In fact, just use common sense for your situation and if you come, be ready to worship God TOGETHER!

Our orphanage is run by Our Surrendered Lives Ministry, a partner of Save the Cowboy. It is located near Guerrero, Chiuhuahua, Mexico.


We are currently accepting applications to go on 7 day mission trips. Click here to email our missions coordinator.

The school is run by George and Vonda Sisneros of Save the Cowboy. Their ministry, Ordinary Missionaries, is changing the lives of young boys in El Rosario, Guatamala.


The Boys Academy is currently teaching young boys to be men with a middle school planned. Be a part of this by clicking above.

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